Patron Saint Tom Uren

John Mant

Vic Smith (former Mayor South Sydney Council)

Staff of NSW Housing Dept


David Baxter & Mark Jacobson - Architects


Karine Shellshear

Col James

Robbie Buchanan

Paul Simes

Mirjana Kreiselmaier

All past and present staff of ARCH & CENSW


Francis King & members of Alpha House and all other inner-city and regional housing co-operatives

LBW & Partners and Trevor Wise & Co for auditing services
Janet Davies and all past bookkeepers


David & Deanne Fazio and staff of Sydney Emergency Plumbing

Michael Koziwoda and staff of South Sydney Electrical

Bensons Locksmiths

Rob Seale and staff of Juno Fire

Deborah Wheatley of Fume Fatale Pest Management

Staff of Quatrix Communications

Arun Nebhani of Beaumont Tiles

Evangelos Foskolos and staff of FX Painting & Decorating
Ali and staff of Rosella Painting

Steve Boyd of SB Gardenscapes and past gardeners

and all past contracters and handypersons


...and past members and tenants

Alice Avery

Anthony Cahill

Arun Wallace

Fiona Currey

James Rhodes

Jo Faith

Karala Wallace

Louise Fraser

Louise Lammers

Mano Desovski

Manojlo Desovski

Mason Smith

Peter Moloney

Sarah Brown

Scott Blundell

Shunanda Wallace

Viktor Desovski

Zora Desovski


..and members prior to occupancy

Anthony Mannix

Clare O'Connell

Elaine Gay

George Christafakis

Ingrid Appel

Kay Lammers

Louise Appel

Melissa Lee

Mirjana Kos-Noskovic

Phil Hammiel

Sue May

Val Gordon


and lastly to Allan Currey, who sadly never got to live in his vision...

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